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Entrepreneur of the Week: Ousman Rahman, Founder of DEx Logistics

By Alieu Jallow, 1 year ago.

Ousman Rahman, the founder of DEx Logistics, is making waves in the local business scene as the first local courier service provider in The Gambia. His company, DEx Logistics, provides a much-needed service for companies and individuals within the Greater Banjul Area and West Coast Region. With just a phone call, DEx Logistics makes it easy for customers to have their desired products delivered locally.

Ousman's journey as an entrepreneur began when he joined the 3rd cohort of a startup incubation program. It was through a networking event that he was able to secure his first customer, but it was the business management training and mentoring that he received through the program that helped him to grow his business.

Now, as a local courier service provider, DEx Logistics continues to provide delivery services for private companies, government institutions, parastatals, NGOs, and individuals. The company uses exquisite motorbikes to deliver a wide range of packages, including documents, food from restaurants, and all sorts of miscellaneous items.

Ousman's success story is a testament to the power of networking and the importance of business management training and mentoring for entrepreneurs. His company, DEx Logistics, is now a well-established player in the local market and is making it easier for companies and individuals to get their packages delivered.

We want to congratulate Ousman Rahman on his success and for being our Entrepreneur of the Week. We wish him continued success in his future endeavors and look forward to seeing how DEx Logistics will continue to grow and innovate.

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