Startup Incubator Gambia
Empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs


Building the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We are the first ever business incubator center in the Gambia. The Startup Incubator Center is a co-working space for young entrepreneurs, with cubicles, computers, high-speed internet, printing and a fully equipped training room with a capacity of 25 participants. This center staged clients who met and discussed with mentors and did site visits by incubator clients.

We find that Startups face common challenges as they seek to transform their ideas into successful, high-growth businesses. Getting connected to the right insights, mentors, influencers, industry partners, and investors can make or break a startup. Joining Startup Incubator means you're joining a global community in getting exposure for your startup and the orchestrated facilitation of resources through our network of contacts.

We provide both an incubation and accelerator program for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Why Startup Incubator

We are a social enterprise that strongly believes startups can change the world. We’re building a global community to provide the professional, social and financial capital these startups need to succeed.

Business Development

Our dedicated team work with each client, helping them setup strategies from prototype to market, through business plan development, coaching and financial analysis.


SIG has a diverse clientele in the areas of agriculture, technology, fashion, education etc. this fosters interdisciplinary networking among clients. There also exist events geared towards client networking with potential mentors and the business community.


SIG is in the Process of setting up a business ecosystem by transforming businesses into the formal economy and reaching out to the regions of The Gambia making it possible for all young entrepreneurs horn and develop their potentials.

We provide the basics

Whether you’re just starting out or raising your next round, we have the resources you’re looking for. All theses are at your disposal to do something amazing, and we're banking on it. Execution is everything. With our 6 months business Incubation program you’ll get access to awesome mentors, hands-on sessions with startup experts, and a great office space where you’ll work with other smart, talented founders from The Gambia.

Accelerator Program

We support our clients and provide access to finance. We also expose clients to other funding opportunities suitable for their bus...

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Design Thinking Bootcamps

Our mentors are professional and successful business entrepreneurs who volunteer their expertise and help clients in business for...

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Co-working Space

SIG provides access to office resources, computers and high-speed internet facilities coupled with conducive spaces suitable for i...

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Incubation Program

Our incubation program comprise of a diverse team of entrepreneurs engaged in the fields of transportation, fashion designing, rec...

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Sectors They Represent

Diversity is not just a strategy or tactic. It’s who we are. Here's a brief of some of the sectors our clients represent. we foster collaboration and cross-sector product design.

Fashion 55%
55% Complete
Agribusiness 35%
35% Complete
Cleantech 15%
15% Complete
Logistic and Transportation 5%
5% Complete
Restaurant and Hospitality 15%
15% Complete
Real Estate and Architect 20%
20% Complete

The Startup Incubator Team

Successful development of the young Gambian entrepreneurs is ensured through providing arrays of business services and resources. The Startup Incubator Management Team gave it their best to develop and maintain the facilitation of these both in the Incubator and beyond.

The Success Stories

Some of our graduates have gone on to do amazing things. We make sure we do not let them go out of our training without keeping track of what they're up to. In so doing, we have a continuous assessment of their progress as they take on the challenges they face every day.

Ndey Fatou Ceesay | Noir

Ndey Fatou Ceesay's picture.

The International Fashion Prodigy

Ndey Fatou Ceesay, who grew her business from a local storefront to an international operation, which benefits from its partnership with the Italian fashion house, Diesel. After completing the program she was invited to exhibit at Fashion Weekend

Africa in London and Denmark. She is currently working on a collaborative project with three other clients, designed to promote Gambian fash...

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Ndey Fatou Njie | TIGA

Ndey Fatou Njie's picture.

Borom WAX

In January 2016, I started developing the samples for what would become TIGA. Since then, I've grown creatively, and so has the TIGA, expanding into leisurewear, accessories, and home decor, all handmade with African wax fabric. Gambians spend Sundays enjoying the beautiful beaches that stretch across the coastline of our country. And though we pride ourselves on the vibrant colors of African w...

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