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Mr. Alieu Jallow has over five years experience initiating, designing and implementing robust business support services. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of the Gambia. He is an alum of Northwestern University, Farley Centre for Entrepreneurship, Illinois Chicago. Whilst a student at the University of The Gambia he has served as Program Intern at the American Corner, where he initiated various projects ranging from entrepreneurship training, boot camps and seminars in various thematic areas. He worked as the Business Development & Entrepreneurship Manager of the American Chamber of Commerce, where he championed various initiatives, such as youth entrepreneurship week, Networked, supported and worked with over 300 SMSEs in The Gambia. Mr. Jallow is the Founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Association (YEA Gambia). He is 2015 President Obama's  Mandela Washington Fellow for Young African Leaders.

As a social entrepreneur from a humble background, Mr. Jallow dedicates his life and career to building opportunities for young people like himself. In 2012, he founded the “Young Entrepreneur Association of The Gambia”, and in 2015, he founded the first ever business incubator “Startup Incubator Gambia” which has so far supported 42 startups, and created 120 jobs to-date. In 2016, he launched the first Youth Entrepreneurship Summit and Job Fair for young people centered on innovation, entrepreneurship, and professional development. With his work, Mr. Jallow has reached over 400 youths, entrepreneurs, and young professionals, providing them with interactive workshops and networking opportunities. Alieu has become a beacon of hope to many youths and has turned unemployed youths to entrepreneurs, showing them the routes to opportunities.