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Ousman Rahman, Shares his story with the Startup Incubator

By Alieu Jallow, 3 years ago.

Born in one of the many small brown streets of Banjul in a family of six. As a kid, Ousman Rahman developed a strong passion for doing grocery shopping for his family and neighbors as that was the only time he had access to leave home given his fathers strict restriction policy. interestingly, his father was an office messenger as well fast forward today he is the founder and General Manager of DEx. With only D200 left in his account and just a business idea, he quit his job in the fashion industry and transformed his childhood nostalgic memories into a business venture thus becoming the first local courier service provider in The Gambia, DEx. With no access to capital, he started-off by branding his personal bicycle to deliver documents for client. After just six months of existence DEx grew rapidly, with the use of exquisite motorbikes, bicycles and a car to deliver documents, food and all sorts of miscellaneous packages for clients locally. since inception DEx has created employment youths for over 13 youths and currently employs 4 permanent staff to help run the business. Ousman is a graduate of The Startup Incubator where he underwent a six months intensive entrepreneurship development program, developing his first business plan as well as other entrepreneurship trainings like Design Thinking, financial projection and a mentorship program which has really boosted his trajectory. His vision is to create over one thousand jobs, establish DEx in 30 countries while the use of technology to do over one million deliveries in the next decade from 2020.