Abdoul Salam

Manager at Salam Batik

Abdoul Salam
  • Profile
  • First NameAbdoul
  • Last NameSalam
  • NationalityGambian
  • Business
  • StartupSalam Batik
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The Salam Batik Business

Founded in the year 2000 Salam batik is an acronym for the owners of the business.(Saihou, Abdoul, Lamin, Alieu, Matar) As the name salam mean peace that’s what brought them together, salam batik has been setting standard in innovations in the fashions industry creating unique batik designs for ages , they have been pushing the limits and making the bold move to take its fabulous designs on the fashions most captivating stages performance and won awards on renounces runways and attended trade fair both international and within the African sub region , known for its unique cracking system whether to be the first in the industry to come up with the idea, it challenges everyone to be the first and only one to have the marble cracking system, checkers cracking, straight cracking, criss cross cracking . Not only do they achieve their goals in the uniqueness of their designs, they also make a name in long lasting designs, they provide a batik that last as long as the fabric last, long durability designs that make a statement for itself in industries, located in heart of the greater Banjul area Salam batik are just by the west field bakau back way garage opposite jawara kunda .