Fatou Janneh

C.E.O. at JS Hygien & Waste Management

Fatou Janneh
  • Profile
  • First NameFatou
  • Last NameJanneh
  • NationalityGambian
  • Business
  • StartupJS Hygien & Waste Management
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The JS Hygien & Waste Management Business

Fatou started waste management and collection business in 2010 with very low inputs like wheelbarrow and later donkey with cart. She later started hiring trucks because clients were on the increase. Currently there is the need to improve the capacity of her business by using better collecting vehicles and to recruit more staff. Her aim is to start recycling of nylons, papers, animal feeds and manure for farmers and other renewable energy such as fuel wood for cooking which will bring more income to the business. Despite the struggles, she is willing to move ahead, acquire her own truck in order to meet demands and contribute to proper waste management, collection and disposal.