Ousainou Saine

CEO at Trash4Cash

Ousainou Saine
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  • First NameOusainou
  • Last NameSaine
  • NationalityGambian
  • Business
  • StartupTrash4Cash
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The Trash4Cash Business

Trash4Cash is a startup business in the green waste management aspiring to be a leading provider of comprehensive environmental solutions services in Gambia, to serve the two most populous area of the Gambia (KMC and Western Region). He is committed to developing new waste solutions that can help communities and organizations achieve their green goals, including zero waste. He wants to create networks of recycling facilities, transfer stations and landfills in the industry and serve every distinct customer segment, including municipalities, construction sites, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings and many others. His aim is be the first largest residential recycler and to manage more than 20 thousand tons of recyclable material each year by 2020. He engage school environmental clubs, environment youth community base group and organize waste scavengers cooperative and buy waste from them. Waste Management is also a renewable energy provider and Trash4cash plans to engage in it by recovering the naturally occurring gas inside landfills to generate electricity, called landfill-gas-to-energy. By the end of 2025, Trash4cash will operate over 5 beneficial-use landfill-gas projects, producing enough energy to power nearly 500 homes by partnering with Gambia renewable energy.