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Summit on Private Sector Participation In Good Governance

The Private sector participation in good governance was held from the 27th – 28th October 2021 at the Sir Dwada Kairaba Jawara conference center in Banjul. The summit brought together a hundred delegates from the public, private and non-government organizations and entrepreneurs to discuss harmonizing private sector development towards inclusive growth and economic development.

The summit included an opening ceremony with keynote addresses from the U.S Embassy Banjul, highlighting the U.S governments contribution towards public-private partnerships, the government’s role in fostering public-private partnership by the director of trade and industry from the Mistry of trade, private sector representatives and, a representative of the United Nations resident representative.

The panel discussion brought across six panelists and a moderator highlighted the challenges, successes, and recommendations for an effective public-private partnership. Topics such as political constraints on entrepreneurs’ journeys, Access to information, the role of the private sector, and the interdependency between the public and private sector were extensively discussed.

To further expatiate on the topics, delegates were divided into two groups based on their preference. In an open discussion, participants share personal experiences and challenges such as high tax rates, institutional failures, lack of proper coordination, and unhealthy competition between the public and private sectors, among others were discussed and recommendations provided.

  • Event Details
  • OrganizerStartup Incubator Gambia
  • Venue Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara International Conference Center